Security operations begin

The joint forces operation for the 2015 Pacific Games was launched on Tuesday.

In a joint parade, Police, Defense and Correctional Services personnel formed up and marched on into the Sir John Guise stadium then form up at the outer field where a parade was hosted by the police Commissioner.

The parades Reviewing Officer, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in his address says that he was very proud as a Papua New Guinean to participate and be part of the parade that would launch their security operations.

Prime Minister O’Neil says that his government has placed priority in the rebuilding of the three disciplinary forces.

He says that the parade marks the beginning of the games that will see PNG embrace all visitors into the country that will give PNG an opportunity to create a positive image of the country.

On that note he stressed that all personnel must bear in mind that they will be at the fore-front of protecting that image and pride in how they interact.

He called it a national duty to make sure that PNG delivers the best games the Pacific has ever seen which is why he is thankful for all eth security personnel.

O’Neill says that his government stands firm to support all the forces and assures them that while all their issues will not change overnight, they will stand firm to build a strong force for the nation.

He says the security of any nation depends on the wellbeing of its forces and that it is not political leadership alone that will provide stability which is why it is important for a cross sectoral approach in re-building the forces.

Meanwhile, the launched also sees all the forces officially begining their joint operations in which each of them will answer to respective unit heads as well as other commanders in the joint operations.

Many of the Defense, police as well as CS participants have been in training for the last two years and according to the games Commander David Manning stand ready to deliver security on the games.