Security detail discussed in preparation of major events

A one day workshop was held yesterday for all security agencies based at the Jacksons Airport in preparation for major event that will be hosted in the Nation’s Capital.

The workshop is about coordination between all security agencies based at the Jacksons Airport

Security personnel from different stakeholder agencies like CASA, Police, National Airport Corporation (NAC), Air Niugini security as well as other security agents who are based at the airport all took part in the one day workshop.

The training covered how and which stakeholder would play a lead role in security and protection of the major events that PNG will be hosting in the city.

This includes emergencies and domestics situation that might arise and if the situation arise, which agency will look into the situation if need be.

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says it is important that all security agencies get to know each other and work together as a team.

Turi says unlike past experiences where police are not allowed to enter the airport, resulting in airport guards getting into a beef with police, this training allows the officers to understand some of the protocols that are in place by NAC to abide by.

Appointed the Police Commissioner Gary Baki to be the Airport Commander, Robert Wane was commended by Tiru for the tremendous change in line with his wide experience with the land police, has lead his officers to a good start.

Chief Sergeant Wane is part of the coordinating team and leading the exercise for the airport police officers.

Turi thanked the team of Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers for the insightful training adding that this training will go a long way down the line in the years to come.

So far this year, airport police have noted occurrences of two alleged bomb threats of which turned out to be hoaxes.

Chief Inspector Wane assure the travelling public that airport police will be in and around the airport and on high alert teams from other countries will be flying in to take part in the FIFA U- 20 Women’s World Cup.

“Airport police will be on their feet 24/7 to watch the movement of the general public moving in and out from both the international and domestic airports.


Annette Kora