Schools commended for support during nationwide strike

Schools throughout the country have been commended for their cooperation in remaining open during the nationwide strike and protest on Thursday, May 19.

Minister for Education Nick Kuman thanked all the stakeholders in the mainstream education and school boards in the country for their support in allowing their schools to remain open during that time.

Kuman said they were aware that only two schools in Lae and schools in NCD closed their doors in fear of the widespread social media campaign of disruption to government services.

“We are pleased that all the schools during that period were in operation, teachers were at work and the students all attended classes. It is a good sign that they know that education is important,” Kuman said.

Kuman also commended the police throughout the country for their support in ensuring that the schools continue to operate and thanked the parents and stakeholders for their support.

“I continuously stress that education is important and it is key to the development of this country.

“We cannot use such situations to compromise the education of the young people,” Kuman said.

Quintina Naime