Schools allowed to impose project fees

Schools will be allowed to impose projects fees to parents this year, however the project fees must align with school projects.

Education Minister Nick Kuman in a press conference today said additional fees in the form of project fees may be imposed by schools for special purposes as approved by the National Education Board and provincial education board.

However, he emphasised students must not be denied an education from their respective schools for the non-payment of this project fees.

A maximum project fee of K50 can be imposed on students in Elementary schools, K100 is the maximum fee for primary schools, K200 for High schools and Vocational Schools and  K250 for Secondary schools.

He said the above maximum fees can be imposed but only on a needs basis.

Kuman added that project fees have been relaxed by the Education Department as they want schools to take responsibility of nominating projects themselves and partnering with the government in building needed school facilities.



Sally Pokiton