School thanks mining company for airlifting exam papers

Yandera Primary School at remote Bundi in Madang Province has thanked the Era Resources Inc. for assisting to airlift its examination papers.

The school successfully completed the Grade 8 national examinations this week.

ERA Resources airlifted the exam papers to Yandera, a remote village at the foothills of Mt. Wilhelm in Bundi.

Headmaster of Yandera Primary, Raymond Sagolo said the school is a zone four disadvantaged school and thanked the mining company for the assistance.

Sagolo said getting to Madang town for any administration matters including picking up exam papers is very risky and has always been a very difficult challenge over the years.

He said however during the last three years Era Resources has been very helpful in airlifting teachers and materials for the school.

“My trips for administration reasons to Madang have been made much easier and faster through the company chopper,” Sagolo said.

After the exams, the external invigilator delivered the completed examination papers to Madang town by the chopper.

Sagolo is confident his students did well during the exams despite the remoteness of the school.

The school also received assistance from Community impact projects director Vincent Kumura who donated over 3,000 library books in May.

Kumura donated the books to both the Yandera and Snow Pass Primary Schools including 6 elementary schools at remote Upper Bundi. 

Sagolo was very thankful and added that being a zone four disadvantaged school the books will really help the children to read more and expand their knowledge base.

Quintina Naime