School to petition NCDC over road construction

Hagara Elementary School in the Moresby North West electorate plans to petition the National Capital District Commission over the pollution and hazard caused by a four lane road construction in the vicinity.

The school has more than 800 students and is situated next to Gabi Village, Poreporena with the classrooms located near the road running from Kanudi to Hanuabada By-Pass round-about.

The main concern raised was that there was no consultation with those affected prior to work done on the road.

Head teacher Lucy Badu said since the start of the construction last year, the school has been severely affected with the different types of pollution including noise, dust and human waste.

Badu explained that the road construction is a hazard having psychological effect and health consequences and apart from the pollution, the students have experienced earth tremors.

She said the safety of the students is important following an incident on Tuesday, June 14 where a child was hit by an open back vehicle while she was crossing the road due to no proper crossing. 

“We are concerned of the safety and lives of our children and the public at large that will be crossing the road.

“It is obvious that this road design and construction was not done in the best interest of the school but done in the interest of the big corporate businesses and the economy.

“This road will affect us all and we want to ensure that our children are learning in a safe and conducive learning environment,” she said.

This road is undergoing construction into four lanes by China Harbour Engineering Co. Limited that is engaged by NCDC.

The school board and parents have prepared a 10 points petition addressing these issues to present to the NCD Governor Powes Parkop by this week.


Quintina Naime