School not aware of students protest says principal

The Principal of Waigani Christian College, Abakure Kaupa was not aware of the protest by students to the Finance Department office at Waigani on Thursday.

He says there was no school notice given to the school administration about the protest.

However, the peaceful protest by students who assembled outside the Vulupindi Haus got a favorable outcome which pave the way for a meeting today between the school management and the department.

Kaupa told Loop PNG after the meeting, that both parties have come to an agreement and students will return to classes and prepare for their national examination.        

“A guarantee letter will be given by the department that the money will be forth coming.”

He confirmed that 340, grade 10 students are affected as the Education Department has not paid their tuition fee subsidy for this year.   

“The current grade 10 students of the college were enrolled in 2014 through a trial base project by then minister for education James Marape (now Finance Minister).”

“But three weeks ago Education Department told us that they don’t have funds to pay us which resulted in us asking our students to pay K2, 000 upfront before they can sit for their national examination.”

“The normal school fee is K5, 500 and only 121 students paid.”

Kaupa said the examination falls between October 12-16 and students will sit for the exams if the finance department keeps their bargain.

Last year the school was given K500, 000.  

Charles Yapumi