Ruth tells all about a decade of abuse and near death

For ten years this Port Moresby mother of three suffered in silence.

For ten years she suffered at the hands of her husband, in an abusive and violent marriage.

She has been married for 17 years – ten of those years have been hell!

In 2014, Ruth Apina, 42, required medical attention and stitches when her husband smashed a beer bottle on the back of her head.

In the same year, he smashed a wine glass in her face, barely missing her eyes and leaving scars down her right cheek.

And over the years, she has been getting beatings from a metal crow bar. Her life was reduced to fear of more violence and possible death as her children watched helplessly.

Ruth has been to the Hohola and Boroko police stations thirteen times in search of help and justice and some peace.

And for ten years, the law has failed to protect her.

Urged on by messages of Domestic Violence, Ruth decided today it was time to break her silence.

She approached LOOP PNG, granting us rights to use of her pictures and full name and the gory details of a violent and abusive man she married 17 years ago.

Ruth has been living separately from her husband after being granted a six months restraining order in December 17, 2015.

Ruth said she was given custody of her three children by the family court in down town Port Moresby and the family property at Tokarara.

To her dismay, Ruth said the same court set aside her interim protection order on Monday without her input, after only two months.

“I feel that women like me in PNG are not being protected by the law and have no hope of being safe from an abusive situation.

“Despite a lot of awareness done on violence and abuse against women, the law is not being properly implemented and we are suffering in silence.

“I know there are other women out there going through the same problem and I urge them not be afraid to speak out.”

Women like me need help to be safe and happy.

Since the orders were set aside, she is fearful of more abuses and is appealing for professional assistance from experts and police alike.

Quintina Naime