Rural Bundi patients get much-needed help

Five patients that needed urgent treatment, following the recent rural medical outreach program at Upper Bundi in Madang Province, were airlifted to Kundiawa Hospital on Friday.

The patients received medical check-up by the six member medical team from Kundiawa Hospital on October 11-17 at Yandera, Upper Bundi.

Among the patients were two 50-year-olds, one with stage four cervical cancer and the other with chronic Henson disease, who suffered severe abdominal pains and renal issues for six years.

The cancer patient was referred by the visiting medical team for urgent treatment and blood transfusion at the Kundiawa Hospital.

A four-year-old female patient with chronic productive cough was also among the five patients being airlifted.

Some of these patients traveled several kilometres to Yandera to be airlifted by mining company Era Resources Inc.

Organiser of the rural outreach program and the 2016 Digicel PNG Foundation Men of Honour Community Ingenuity Award winner, Vincent Kumura, said the patients were very grateful.

Kumura thanked the staff at Era Resources for the timely and much-needed partnership in ensuring that the patients are being airlifted to the hospital.

He thanked the Kundiawa Hospital, the outreach medical team and everyone who has helped so far.

“Basic healthcare is one of the dire needs of the remote mountain people of Bundi.

“Going forward, I would like to see more support and partnerships for such wonderful community events to help improve the livelihood of the disadvantaged people of PNG,” he said. 

Kumura is looking forward to working with Era Resources and the Kundiawa General Hospital for any major future rural outreach medical programs at Bundi.

He appeals for more support from individual donors, organisations and aids to further his humanitarian causes in healthcare, education and other community impact projects.

Picture courtesy of Vincent Kumura

Quintina Naime