RPNGC and IOM has wide reaching effect

Head of UN Coordination Office Iwona Spytkowski says the signing of the MoU between the RPNGC and the IOM is also about the broader cooperation of the United Nations System in PNG.

This cooperation is one of many that the constabulary has with the United Nations as the organisation is collaborating with the force in the UN system in regards to UN human rights and with UN women.

She says the United Nations has been in the country for a very long time and now currently has 14 UN agencies funds and programs which are led by the UN Resident Coordinator.

She adds that the agencies are and have been coordinating with the National and provincial government as well as Local Level Government in all 22 provinces and the UN is now currently working the areas of governance, social protection, tackling issues such as human rights using gender equity as an example.

Spytkowski says they are also supporting the PNG Government in basic services such as health and education and they are also working in the area of disaster management and environment of which its sister agency IOM comes in to play a significant role to support the Government.

She says that the partnership that is commemorated today between the RPNGC and IOM is so key to the improvement of the quality lives of Papua New Guineans.

The very important work that IOM is partnering the RPNGC on is in the areas of migration management, counter trafficking, human security, civil protection and also peace building, she adds.

Annette Kora