Roadside markets are winners in B’ville

Roadside markets on Bougainville, especially in North Bougainville along the Buka-Arawa highway, make most of the income for families.

More good food can be found in these markets which you cannot find at the main town markets around Bougainville.

There are a number of markets from the Selau Constituency right down to Tinputz and the most famous market is located at the Teoposuna plantation, where a lot of cars are going and coming from the Arawa stopover.

Locals in the market have called for support from the government to improve the market facilities like the market buildings and toilets.

Market spokesperson Rodney Ponzoh told Loop PNG that in order to help mothers and the fishermen sell their produce, there have to be good facilities available.

“Most mothers, if the traditionally built market house is full, often sit on the ground and sell their produce which is a health hazard,” Mr Ponzoh said. “We also need a health inspector to come around every fortnight to inspect the market.”

“We have two main markets here in the Taonita Teop area, the Teoposuna market and the Teop island market, which was funded by the former regional member Fidelis Semoso, but these two markets can’t accommodate the number of women and men who come and sell their produce fresh from the rivers, mountains and sea,’’ he said.

“We just need a little bit of help from our two members and even the nation al member, because these markets are the avenues where village based people earn their income.”

Photo: the teoposuna roadside market.

Peterson Tseraha