Restoration work carried out on Kalibobo lighthouse

A major restoration and refurbishment work is currently in progress on the Kalibobo coastwatchers memorial lighthouse in Madang.

The restoration work which commenced in early March this year is sanctioned and funded by the government through the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA).

Currently, workers of a contracting company engaged by NMSA have set up scaffoldings and are repainting the structure located on the tip of Godawan point。

Kalibobo lighthouse is one the landmark monuments which is already a traditional symbol of Madang province。 The lighthouse appears in Madang‘s provincial flag and also on the provincial government’s official document as symbol of the province

A month ago PNG Loop reported Madang residents raising concerns that the Kalibobo Light House was not glowing brightly at night and the light is neither moving around to give signals. It was immobile and so sad at nights with dim light as that of a kerosene lamp.

The concern was raised by a number of Madang residents who noticed that the light from the structure is not bright and not moving around in circle like before.

The coast watchers lighthouse was built by the German colonizers in the late 1880s when they arrived in that part of mainlain New Guinea and tried to establish a base at various locations including at present day Madang but were continually beaten by malaria. They eventually moved to Rabaul.

James G. Kila