Respondents in ‘selfie’ defamation suit reduced

Respondents in the defamation suit that was filed by Boarder Development Authority’s Executive Chairman Fred Konga has been reduced after the National Court today allowed some to be removed.

One of the bloggers known as Johnny Young on Facebook has been removed from the list of first respondents after it was found the account did not have the real identity of the person behind the Facebook account.

This now leaves Sonja Barry Ramoi and three other bloggers as the first respondents in the defamation suit.

Lawyer Representing Konga Edward Wamp appeared before Justice Ere Kariko today(August 28) with the application to remove Johnny Young.

Wamp also went before Justice Kariko seeking to dismiss the National Executive Council and the State from the proceeding that was later allowed.

This means that Konga will no longer be seeking to restrain the NEC and the State from acting on his position after censored nude pictures of him were circulated on social media by the bloggers.

The matter will return to court on September 14 where Konga will file an application to consolidate the National newspaper and its reporter (Clifford Faiparik) as one respondent.

Currently Clifford Faiparik is the second respondent and The National is the third.

Sally Pokiton