Residents and workers hit the road… on foot

The normally busy Gordon bus stop in Port Moresby resembles a ghost town as PMV owners are on strike today.

The PMV bus service is dominated by Western Highlanders, and their decision is affecting city residents.

The choice by Western Highlanders to pull their service off the road yesterday stemmed from a fight against a certain group from Hela Province.

During the confrontation, some buses had there windscreens smashed.

Police have yet to confirm the cause of the fight.

City residents and workers are now taking a long walk to their destinations and it is a wake-up call for city authority to step in and control the public transport system in Port Moresby. This is to avoid crippling the capital city.

The majority of city residents rely on public transportation.

Gordon bus stop is the biggest in the nation's capital. It is one of the major transit points in NCD.

(The empty Gordon bus stop in Port Moresby this morning.)

Charles Yapumi