Reservists to be dealt with if involved in bashing

Reserve police officers involved in the raid on vendors in Waigani Market which left a female vendor bloodied and traumatised will be dealt with accordingly.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, said this after pictures of the female vendor with blood streaming down her face and arm went viral on social media.

Parkop said City Rangers would not be involved in the raid, as they do not operate at Waigani.

However, he is uncertain if any reserve police officers were involved.

“I’m not trying to dent away from criticism but the police that were involved, and the vehicle used by the perpetrators, that’s a vehicle that belongs to regular police.

“The rangers definitely are not involved, they are not operating in that area. But if there is evidence that our reserve police were involved then of course we will deal with them,” said Parkop.

The incident happened on Monday morning (December 5th) when a state vehicle carrying police drove into the Waigani Market precinct where the officers allegedly assaulted men and women.

Parkop said he was disgusted with the actions of the police and horrified by pictures of the beaten and bleeding woman.

“I cant speak for the national police or the regular police but I will impress on our total disgust and to the minister for police so I hope they do something about sensitizing the police, especially dealing with women and girls too,” said Parkop.

He added: “We have started a program to get them (reserve police) more sensitive to dealing with women and girls not to use violence as a first means and we will continue to do that to improve the reserve police.”

Cedric Patjole