Ramu school tops Grade 8 exams

Aseia Primary School in Middle-Ramu District has top the Grade 8 exams in the province recording 109/150 in external examination results.

Elated local MP and Agriculture and Livestock Minister Tommy Tomscoll who was present at the graduation praised the good work of the teachers and revealed the good news as the way forward for Middle-Ramu District.

He says the primary school just this year got it’s first Grade 8 classes and was also upgraded to become a primary school and the news of topping the province in the exams is welcome news that Middle Ramu values education and can produce bright students for the future.

Tomscoll spoke as one of the few Middle-Ramu elites who graduated from university and urged the students to take the news and produce more and excel in education for the future.

He has pledged to continue his support in education and will help Aseia Primary School in the near future.


Ruben Tabel