Rain falls at Sirinumu as PNG Power makes pledge over dam use

Electricity provider PNG Power will stop using water from the Sirinumu Dam to generate hydro-electricity when the water mark reaches 100 million cubic metres.

Mr Laun Medakaou, PNG Power water management officer, told the media in a visit to the dam site today that the current water level stands at 139 million cubic metres.

The full water capacity for the dam is 340 million cubic metres.

He said that PNG Power and water provider Eda Ranu have a verbal agreement  stating that when the water level drops to 100 million cubic metres, PNG Power will stop using the water catchment to generate electricity and the water will be used only by Eda Ranu to supply water to the city.

Mr Medakaou said electricity supply to the city will not be affected if PNG Power stops generating hydro electricity from the dam.

Currently 13 percent of the electricity supplied to the city is from hydro generated from the dam, but before the El Nino weather pattern, the dam provided 20 percent of the city’s power.

“The Kanudi power station and Exxon Mobil gas turbine will supply the city,” Medakaou said.

Meanwhile, the Sirinumu Dam area at Sogeri, outside Port Moresby, experienced rain last night,  adding much needed water to the depleting water stock.

Mr Medakaou said the rainfall measured 80.6 millimetres and was the first rain in the area since May this year.

He also encouraged city residents to save water by switching off power consuming products which are not in use and also adhere to Eda Ranu’s community message to save water.

Charles Yapumi