Raicoast leader pleas for help

The people of Raicoast district are calling on the Government to look into their plea for better road infrastructure, health and education.

Ganglau village elder and clinic chairman Sibi Dub says since independence other parts of the country are progressing but Raicoast had been forgotten and left behind.

Dub says the road infrastructure is going from bad to worse, people are forced to cross the river and walk a long way to get to goods and services, mothers and children are dying due to the collapse of  health services.

He says mothers giving birth and dying on the spot with child was happening often with a major fall  also happening in education facilities.

Dub says many MPs had promised them road, health and education  projects but when they got into power nothing was done and the people of Raicoast were suffering silently.

He says despite help from Ramu NiCo Ltd (MCC) the government has to come hand in hand and help MCC to play its role of service delivery and not depending on the company.

They are appealing to local MP James Gau to leave Port Moresby and come down to the district and operate to bring change.

 He says the Ganglau Hospital Clinic project in Saidor LLG had not been completed by the government.

The Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) funded the project at the cost of K1.86 million which will see one hospital house, three staff houses, and incarnation house, generation house and ablution block being built.

The project is then awarded to Basamuk Enterprise Ltd, according to hospital chairman Dub the project was launched in 2013 aiming to be completed by the end of that year with the first quarter funding of K500,000 given to start the project.

Mr Dupp says the project started well and buildings were erected as Basamuk Enterprise brought  in an engineer  to do engineering works.

He says by the end of 2014 the project was not completed because the money was misused.

Mr Dupp says since then the project has been abandoned and the people of Ganglau are suffering and dying because having to travel to Madang is costly and he urges the government and MRA to come clean on the project.

Reuben Tabel