Public urged to report police

Members of the public are being encouraged to report to their nearest traffic office, any police personnel who tries to solicit money or favours from them.

Assistant Commissioner Police for Traffic Jerry Frank  informed PNG Loop that people are being encouraged to take note of the time and place of the incident.

They must also note vehicle registration numbers especially at road blocks so that it will be easy to track down the police unit that is on the scene and charge them accordingly.

Frank says investigators have narrowed down the findings to the case of the police officer shown in the viral video that was recorded by a man who, the officer was trying to get money from.

Frank says that the officer once tracked down will be charged with extortion as well as conduct unbecoming of an officer.

Most likely he will be dismissed from the force as Frank adds that the force is not a place for opportunists who take advantage of the responsibilities that police personnel have.


Screen shot of the video

Julianna Waeda