Public Servant’s State NSL contribution still outstanding

The National Government has not yet paid up its outstanding employer superannuation contribution for its workers from 1991-2002.

But discussion between Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL) and the State had been on-going since December 2015.

NSL chief manager member service Charlie Gilichibi said: “We (NSL) are having ongoing weekly discussion with government officials and there are indications that things will come good this year.

“In terms of fortnightly contribution from the State we do not have an issue with that.

“It is only the exiting members that have an issue, because we only pay 100 percent of what we have in the account but what is owed to them from the state we do not pay.

 “The State has started making some contributions fully from 2009, from 2002 – 2008 the State was making part payments.

“The amount that is of concern is from 1991-2002 were the State was paying nothing at all,” Gilichibi said.

In a media statement last year, NSL chairman Anthony Smare said: “The State’s (National Government) total unfunded superannuation liability is K2.070 billion from when the State was not making full payments of employer’s contributions for all public servants from the year 1991 to 2008.”

The NSL board on December 1, 2015 made a decision to stop paying NSL members full retirement contributions.  

“NSL will continue to pay to exiting NSL members the balance of their paid-up contributions and interest earned, but as of 1 December 2015, will not pay to affected exiting members the unfunded superannuation that is owed to them by the State,” Smare said.

Charles Yapumi