Pruaitch calls for strengthening of Government’s PPP

Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch is calling on all government agencies to work within the spirit of public-private-partnership to enhance the government’s systems and processes.

Speaking today at the launch of the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) software programs in Port Moresby, PNG Customs boss Ray Paul on behalf of Pruaitch said such software programs will provide a competitive environment.

“It is through such that we will provide a competitive environment that is conducive to promoting trade and investment in our country resulting in increased fiscal economic performance and macro-economic growth.”

ASYCUDA is a software designed to administrate the Customs process and stores declarations, manifests and other forms which assist in the facilitation of international trade and revenue.

He said in order for us to maximise the benefits accruing from trade, we must continue to seek and deploy international best practices to enhance our systems and processes to be more competitive in this rapidly growing hi-tech area.

Meanwhile, ASYCUDA Asia and Pacific project expert Renaud Massenet says every day the volume of trade and the number of production increases but the resources in Customs does not increase to meet the demand.

He said with the implementation of ASYCUDA, it will assist to meet the challenge.

He said given the new technology ASYCUDA will really help in the implementation and ease the burden with the businesses and investors.

Freddy Mou