Protest on gender-based violence set for Friday

A peaceful protest by women and youth leaders in Port Moresby will take place on Friday, December 16.

The protest is a call to action for the Government to endorse the National Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Strategy 2016-25.

This is a collective voice from all women leaders, youths, civil society groups, churches and development partners in NCD and around PNG.

They’re urging the Government to endorse the ‘National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to GBV in PNG’ and are hoping that the Minister responsible or Prime Minister can address them.

The strategy provides a coordinated resource response to violence and strengthens delivery of services including safe houses and medical care.

The strategy was submitted to the Department of Community Development three months ago, yet no action has been taken.

The event will take place at Waigani Drive and protestors will be stationed in the section of the road that will be blocked off.

The traffic will be blocked off at the traffic light in front of the City Hall and at the ANZ Bank Waigani.

The protest is being organised by the National Capital District Commission in partnership with women and youths groups throughout the city.     

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the protest is also aimed to express common outrage and horror at the continuous high level of gender base violence that women and girls in the country continue to face.

Parkop called on all city residents including male population to come out in big numbers and support this course.

Family Sexual Violence Action Committee national program coordinator, Ume Wainetti urged everyone to come together and show their support including the male youths and boys who are also survivors of abuse.

Quintina Naime