Promoted police challenged to prove worth

​The newly promoted police officers in Lae have been congratulated but challenged to step up in their roles and duties.

Lae Metropolitan Police Commander Anthony Wagambie junior made these remarks in light of new Police Promotions Board results being released.

Wagambie thanked the Police Commissioner and his two deputies for approving his promotion to the rank of Chief Superintendant as well.

He says that this is a motivating factor which has made him more motivated to do more for Lae, policing while at the same time he also challenged all the rank and file who were promoted to prove their worth with their promotions.

Wagambie says that there has been so much bad publicity on the conduct of personnel and with the promotion of members to higher ranks, he is calling on non commissioned and commissioned officers promoted to exercise leadership, instill discipline and ensure professional and productive work attitudes.

He says that the onus is now on all those promoted including himself to prove that they deserve and earned it, by portraying a high standard of work attitude and leadership.

“The executive management has given us the responsibility and it is up to us to prove our worth through their promotion”, Wagambie adds.

Julianna Waeda