Privatisation of SOEs to be reviewed

Minister of Public Enterprises and State Investments William Duma say a review of all State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) will be conducted before any privatisation of government companies take place.

“Obviously the dynamics may or may not change when (former) Minister (Ben) Micah made the decision, I will be reviewing everything and if there is a pressing case for us to continue with the privatization agenda we will off cause after consulting the Prime Minister," Duma told Loop PNG.    

“If as a result of the changing economy times and there is need for us to delay slightly we will off cause consider that, it is a matter of me reviewing everything before I make a decision.

But with the current economy condition of the country will play a huge part with the government drive to sell some shares of government owned companies.     

“Economic climate is not conducive we will review them and make a decision,” Duma said.

The 11 SOEs are, Air Niugini, PNG Power, Telikom PNG, PNG Ports Corporation, Post PNG, Water PNG, Bmobile, Eda Ranu, National Development Bank, Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited and DataCo.