Prince's death being investigated as possible overdose

Could an overdose have led to Prince's shocking death?

A law enforcement official tells The Associated Press (via Chicago Tribune) that investigators are looking into whether Prince died from a drug overdose and whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs in the weeks before his death. The report adds that investigators are also looking at whether a doctor was on the plane that made an emergency landing in Illinois less than a week before the musician was found dead.

Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud of the Carver County Sheriff's Department wouldn't specifically comment on the direction investigators are going in, but did tell E! News, "We're continuing to investigate the circumstances of Prince's death. The ME will provide toxicology results with her findings. I expect it to be a few weeks before we have her report(s)."

Prince's plane made an emergency stop in Moline shortly after a live show in Atlanta, roughly a week prior to his death.

Officials reportedly said he was found unconscious on the plane, and that first responders gave Prince a shot of Narcan, which is used in suspected opioid overdoses. The official said the shot was given when the plane was on the runway in Moline during Prince's return to Minneapolis.

During a press conference with authorities shortly after Prince's death, Sheriff Jim Olson reiterated some details involving the initial response to the 911 call, explaining that fire, rescue and ambulance responded to the emergency and found Prince unresponsive in his Paisley Park elevator. He was announced dead roughly 30 minutes later.

Olson continued to state that there was no sign of trauma and shared that there is no reason to believe it was a suicide, and once again said that this is an investigation. He had no information regarding a possible drug overdose at the time, and could not comment on Prince's health or what medications he may or may not have been taking. "We will be talking to people close to him, gathering medical records and working from there here."

Prince's autopsy was completed last week. The Chief Medical Examiner for Midwest Medical Examiners Office, Dr. A. Quinn Strobl, began the autopsy Friday morning. But according to Martha Weaver, spokeswoman for the medical examiners office, the results will not be released for "several weeks."