PPC alleges operation of scooter trade by syndicate

There is a well-organised syndicate operating in Sandaun Province that brings in scooters from Indonesia without paying customs duty at the border.

The motorised vehicles then get registered and licensed in Vanimo to use the public roads.

Sandaun Provincial Police Commander Robert Gesa told Loop PNG in Vanimo that investigations have already started.

“How they are brought in is questionable and we are working on it.

 “Many of them are brought in illegally through bush tracks; not through the border at Wutung.

“My concern is how they get registered to run on PNG soil.

“My Traffic OIC is working on it, we will be doing a series of (road blocks) to round them up and find out about the source authorising the bringing in of these illegal motorcycles (scooters) into Papua New Guinea to become legal to use on PNG roads,” PPC Gesa said. 

He claimed that many government officers in Vanimo are involved in this syndicate.

“With no import documents, the buyers go into customs and want to pay import fee, but this is not right you should have done it at the check point where the customs are,” Gesa said.

(Caption: Containers storing impounded scooters at Vanimo Police Station.)

Charles Yapumi