Population increase at care centers worries authorities

An increase in population at the Manam Islanders care centres in Madang means the demand on food and water will be high.

Acting Madang Provincial disaster director Rudolph Mongalle said this is a concern.

"It not because drought alone that people at the care centres are being affected due to food shortage."

 "The areas they are residing is not enough (to make more gardens) because of population growth."

Mongallee said 2134 families live in Mangem, Asuramba and Postsdam Care Centres in the Bogia Distirct on mainland Madang.

12 communites make up the population of the islanders who were moved to the mainland after being evicted 11 yearz ago when the Manam volcano erupted.

The plight of the islanders to find a permanent resettlement home has been denied again because the Manam Resettlement Bill did not go throught the first reading in the last Parliament sitting.

The provincial disaster office will provide relief to people residing in the care centres.

Mongallee said the food items cost K300,000 and was bought from monies provided by Governor Jim Kas.

Each family will receive 10kg bags of rice and flour and 2 litres of cooking oil.

 When food stock runs out they will have to fend for themselves.    

Charles Yapumi