Polye urges WTO to intervene in proposed rice import quota

Opposition Leader Don Polye is urging the World Trade Organization to intervene to nullify the proposed rice import quota.

“The import quota is anti-competitive and unfair for our long time companies which have been the industry players. It is not a sound economic decision,” he says.

Poly says Naima Agriculture Investment Ltd, which the quota would protect, lacked the capacity to meet the demand.

He says NAIL announced that it would produce 200,000 tons or 200,000 000 kilograms of rice, adding it would import rice to fill the gap.

“Our people will be big time losers,” stresses the Opposition Leader.

Competition, he says, encourages businesses to flourish and gives the people the liberty to choose among goods and services.

Polye has blasted those who were involved or played a role in the proposal to protect a new comer in the rice industry, saying the people had enough of the government’s arrogance.

“This decision is yet another bad one and the government should review it for the best interest of the country,” says Polye.

“If the proposal becomes reality, NAIL will become the single supplier of rice in the country.”

Polye warns that if the government is stubborn to rescind its decision, the country’s exports will face tit-for-tat strikes by rice exporters.

Polye has commended the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission for assuring the people that it would look into this.

Polye claims the company is owned by the Indonesian fugitive, Joko Tjandra.

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