Polye tackles Minister on stadium spending

The Opposition has demanded Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko tell why millions of kina had been spent on Sir John Guise stadium yet the job was still incomplete.

It has asked why a part of the stadium is still sitting on scaffolding despite an assurance by Tkatchenko that the stadium will be fully completed after the Pacific Games.

“The tax payers deserve to know the truth as to what had happened to the millions of kina they forked out to cover the cost of the stadium,” said Mr Polye.

He described Tkatchenko’s comment in the media as “evasive’’ to avoid answering the questions on why the stadium is incomplete.

“I also questioned why the Minister and his governor who were too quick to launch the uneconomical Taurama road project whilst the stadium is incomplete.

“I also asked why other PNG owned companies are over-looked in awarding the contracts with the government giving everything to Global Construction which is owned by a cabinet minister,” said Mr Polye.

He said he did not say Tkatchenko awarded the contract.

 He added that all he asked was for Tkatchenko to declare his interest as the minister and the government seemed to favour Global ahead of other PNG-owned companies in awarding contracts.

 “I still maintain that there’s unequal distribution of the country’s wealth as most of the city roads, which are uneconomical, are getting the funding ahead of major economical roads scattered right across the country. 

“There has been a trend in which the cost of city projects has been inflated and awarded to companies which are owned by members of Parliament and cabinet ministers and I hope the controversial Taurama road project’s K138 million is not an inflated cost,” said Mr Polye.


Picture source: Justin Tkatchenko's Face Book page

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