Policeman in custody over shooting

A policeman is has been arrested in relation to the shooting of a man in Kuinga yesterday (February 20th).

Details are sketchy at this moment about th the shooting, but the township of Kuinga is still on lock down following rioting in the area yesterday.

Western provincial police commander Tep Puri told Loop PNG, police are maintaining a presence in the town area with their defence counterparts.

The situation is now quiet.

Puri says police will also be holding talks with relatives of the deceased but could  not confirm the locality of the deceased.

Puri who is currently in Port Moresby says he will not comment further on the case until he has received a brief from his men, once he is back in the province later this afternoon.

Police have been tasked by Puri to maintain a vigil over the town area to discourage any opportunists that may take advantage of the situation. 

Julianna Waeda