Police see drop in alcohol-related incidences

NCD police say that this festive period has been good in terms of the number of drunks and drink driving incidences reported.

In an interview with PNG Loop NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut says his officers have reported that unlike previous festive periods this season was good.

He admits that part of the success was partially due to reverse psychology in terms of the behaviour of the people.

By not imposing a liquor ban he says people have been behaving themselves and indirectly drinking responsibly.

Christmas Eve saw many roadblocks and spot checks carried out while on Christmas night only a few patrols as well as roadblocks were set up.

Kalaut says the new operational strategy was a success as it saw many residents stay off the street as well as party and consume alcohol responsibly.

For now he says that the main operations are still in place and will continue through to New Year. He commended the community and police for their cooperation and urged all parties to maintain the momentum until the end of the festive season.

Julianna Waeda