Police say UPNG will be allowed to protest within reason

NCD police say that UPNG students will be allowed to protest if they exhaust all legal processes.

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut said this regarding issues raised with the UPNG students who have come out clarifying that they are not planning on protesting rather, they will push for a referendum.

From this, they will hold a vote to see what will be the next course of action for the boycotting students on the ground.

The police will entertain the students only if they exhaust all legal processes as per the peace and good order act.

Kalaut said once approval is given, it will be given with conditions as to how they will go about carrying out the protest.

However, the commander said to date, the university campus is not within the jurisdiction of the police as it is a private institution and they can only come in on invitation of the appropriate authorities.

It will become a police issue once the students take the protest to the streets and public domain.

Kalaut also appealed to the UPNG students to act within the processes and go about rationally as educated individuals.

“Do it legally and properly so that no one gets into trouble with the law,” he warns.

Julianna Waeda