Police need to polish up firearm skills

Police officers out in the field need to polish up on their firearm skills.

Commandant for Bomana Training College, Perou N’Dranou, made the remark after the training of the Kwikila Police Station officers yesterday.

N’Dranou says it is in the best interest of the police force that all firearm users are trained on how to use weapons.

“This is the fourth firearm training that is being conducted in Kwikila for the first time for more than 25 police officers,” says N’Dranou.

“The first and second batch, who completed the firearm training, were NCD and Central officers.

“The third training was done and completed in Manus, Lorengau Province,” states the training commandant.

“Basically, firearm training is in relation to the use of force where we have been challenged that the training quality and capacity hasn’t been covered at its best at the training college.”

N’Dranou says there has been a lot of allegations on the police’s illegal use of force. That is why the training college is addressing that by running this program, to enhance the officers’ knowledge and skill on the firearm itself and the laws on firearms.

“The aim is to revise this program and train firearm users throughout the country,” explains N’Dranou.

The course itself will cover the use of firearms, especially under the old program of the use of force, how this important program has been overlooked and how human rights are being affected.

It will also touch on the use of force in theory and the basic setup of what’s inside the different firearms: How to strip the firearm, the use, accountability and management of the weapon.

“We will continue to provide the right training for the officers in and around the country as to keep these officers focused and know their roles and responsibilities in the work they do out in the field,” N’Dranou says.

Annette Kora