Police Minister warns of more arrests at UPNG

Papua New Guinea’s Police Minister, Robert Atiyafa, has warned people preventing students from returning to university for class will be arrested and prosecuted.

Today, four individuals were arrested and charged at the UPNG campus.

“The activities of these remaining few are no longer student issues but law and order issues,” Minister Atiyafa said.

“Most students are ready to go back to class, but there are people, mainly non-students, acting under the influence of alcohol, who are breaking the law and obstructing these students.

“This is now a law and order situation and the law will be enforced.

“My message to the students is that you have the law on your side to return to class so do not be intimidated.

“Do not let these people ruin your academic and working future.

“To the opportunists from outside the campus who are obstructing students, I can assure you that you will be caught and arrested.”

The Minister said it is important for the university administration to also exert its authority by tightening security.

Minister Atiyafa said the incident that occurred at the UPNG campus on Thursday was an example of outsiders coming onto campus and stirring trouble.

“We saw these people, many of whom were drunk and were not students, come onto campus and cause trouble that resulted in cars being burned and property smashed.

“This is disgraceful behaviour and will not be tolerated.

“Now is the time for normalcy and our interest is for our students to be given the chance to complete their studies and achieve the highest grades they can.”

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