Police investigators: Gun found in chase vehicle

​A homemade gun was found in the vehicle that was involved in a fatal police shooting last week at Waigani.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has confirmed that homicide detectives found a home made gun with no rounds of ammunition under the driver’s seat.

Detectives also found one empty 5.56mm round, believed to be from a police issued firearm and one round of a full buckshot 12 gauge cartridge whose origin has not yet been confirmed.

Investigators  were first on the scene on Thursday (November 26th) and the following morning.

Commissioner Baki backed the appeal by investigators who are calling on eye witnesses to come forward and assist police with any information that can help in their investigations.

In a statement today, Baki denied the claims made in initial accounts given to media but also called on the main witnesses to step forward and help with investigations.


Police picture showing the vehicle that was shot at by police.