Police to ensure safe celebrations in Lae

Lae Police will be in full swing during the country’s 41st independence anniversary and warned residents to celebrate in a peaceful manner.

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said all manpower will be used at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium as arranged during the celebrations on Friday.

He said Police will ensure that the area is free from drunkards who would most likely spoil the event.  We want to ensure that individuals and families can attend this freely without being intimidated and harassed by hooligans.

“Police will be taking zero tolerance on drunks, be trouble makers, “he added.

The Metropolitan Superintendent said there are also other celebrations which have been arranged by individual communities within Lae and Police will also monitor and ensure that they are done peacefully.

He said PNG has come a long way since independence in 1975, in Lae with so many different ethnic groups occupying the city, we must come together as one.

“One country one people, we must have pride in our country despite all the hardships we have been facing, and also do our own little bit in our nation building, “Wagambie said.

Wendy Katusele