Police Commissioner and NCD commander to be taken to court: Activists

Activist Noel Anjo says that as per a court order he says was granted to him on October 6th 2014 the police will be held liable for “their disruptive actions’’ today.

Court order 122 of 2014 stated that police are restrained from infringing the rights of Anjo under sections 32, 42, 47 and 52 of the Constitution, he told reporters.

The order declares, he says, that he has the right to freedom of expression, assembly and association of freedom of movement. The order also stated that police were restricted from infringing the rights of Anjo to take part in any processions, public meetings or any such activity that are lawfully organised by the plaintiff. 

Anjo and his activists say that because of this existing order  they will now move to take legal action against Police Commissioner Gari Baki as well as NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi. 

Activist Kenn Mondiai says that “enough is enough’’ and that the police stepped out of line when they also attacked and intimidated members of the public today. 

The activists will regroup, seek advice to take to further awareness for a bigger protest in a week's time. 

Police are also anticipated to make an address this afternoon about their actions this morning.

Julianna Waeda