Police commend Unitech students and Lae residents

Police in Lae have praised the positive turnout of the public at the University of Technology students’ awareness campaign today at the Eriku Oval.

Lae metropolitan police commander Anthony Wagambie Junior told Loop PNG that the event today was carried out smoothly without any drama.

He commended all the student leaders and the student body as well as the general public for their cooperation with police on duty in and around the city.

Wagambie observed that all businesses within the city carried out their normal operations; shops at Eriku were open with buses on the road and schools attended by students.

The metropolitan superintendent further took the opportunity to commend his personnel along with the Mobile squad 13 based there.

He said the main aim was to create an avenue for the student and general public to let off some steam. This was to avoid tensions building up at the Unitech campus that might spill over into the streets of the city.

Wagambie says he is satisfied with the outcome of the successful public awareness today at Eriku.

Julianna Waeda