Police chief stands by his NCD commanders

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says that while he condemns the alleged assault of civilians by police earlier this week during the public protest, he stands by the directives of his NCD Metropolitan Command.

Baki told PNG Loop that the stance taken by NCD Commander Sylvester Kalaut and his Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi was appropriate given the tensions on the ground.

Public safety and decorum could not be guaranteed while opportunists were among genuine protestors looking to stir up  tensions.

Meantime, he welcomed the alleged victims filing their complaints, saying  that investigations will be held into the conduct of the police who are referred.

However Baki stressed that he had the utmost faith and confidence in the abilities of both officers who held command in the NCD Metropolitan police office.

Baki says that the apparent legal action sought against Kalaut and him was welcomed given that this was a right that the activists had as citizens.

Julianna Waeda