Police boss against public forum by Opposition

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has instructed that there’ll be no public forum organised by the Opposition tomorrow (Monday 2 November) at Jack Pidik Park.

The forum relates to the launching of an Alternate Government Policy by the Opposition.

Commissioner Baki addressed the media this afternoon based on a letter he received from Opposition leader Don Polye dated October 30 seeking permission to stage this event.

Baki said it’s important to note that the best avenue to discuss such matters is on the floor of parliament.

“It is not an issue that you take out to the general public for them to consume.

“It’s important that members of parliament are also aware that the police are stretched to the limit in dealing with issues of law and order,” said Baki.

Baki encouraged the Opposition to stage such events in a confined environment.

He said he will have no objections if they stage it in a confined area like the University forum square, Taurama Indoor Centre or Sir John Guise Stadium where the educated public can be involved and the police can control movement of people.

“In an open area like the Jack Pidik Park, you will have a lot of opportunists involved and the chances that law and order issues will arise simply because we could lose control of maintaining security.

“They will be no public launching and I will not allow the forum to be staged. In addition, this has nothing to do with politics but an issue of control and law and order,” he said.

Baki has instructed police to be out in full force to make sure that it doesn’t take place and to guide political leaders to be more responsible in the avenues of what they’re doing now.

Quintina Naime