Police arrest two for drugs

Police reported a fight at Gerehu stage one this morning and a drug arrest.

The fight was between a Sepik man and his Wabag neighbour and was reportedly related to a previous fight on Christmas night.

Gerehu police say that the incident which was reported at 8am today.

Police report that the fight was between the two men who were arguing over a compensation claim that the Sepik man's son owed to the Wabag man.

Both men were brought into the station and told to have a mediation meeting to settle the issue.

Meanwhile, in another incident, two youths from Goilala have been apprehended are at the police station after they were caught allegedly under the influence of marijuana at the main shopping centre at Gerehu this morning.

Both youths are now detained at the station awaiting to be charged.

Julianna Waeda