Police arrest another Tatana shooting suspect

Police in Port Moresby have arrested and charged one more police man in relation to the Tatana shooting case.

PNG Loop was told that the Police Constable was arrested during a dawn raid by police investigators at his family residence on Thursday morning (July 28th).

Assistant police commissioner of crimes Victor Isouve informed PNG Loop the Constable was arrested at the home of his father who is also a former Assist police Commissioner.

Based here in Port Moresby and the man has been on the run for the past year and a half evading investigators.

Isouve says that the man will be held on charges of Willful murder for evidence found that ties him up with the shooting of Naime Tom on January 17,  2015.

Meantime, Isouve would not comment further but says that the case into the police shooting is far from over.

Investigators are pushing for no bail as the officer in custody  is  also alleged to have been  involved in another outstanding shooting case.

Isouve adds that investigators have also provided an affidavit to with the police prosecutors to not allow for the cop to be released on bail given the sensitive nature of this case.

However Isouve would not comment if this officer would also be questioned in relation to the January 23, 2015 shootings at Hanuabada which he says will be treated as a separate case. 

To date, four police personnel have been held and charged with relation to the Tatana shooting case.

Julianna Waeda