Police apprehend escapee in Lae

Police have apprehended the main suspect involved in various criminal activities in Lae Morobe province and an escapee over the weekend at Eriku.

The suspect, Boris Sine Mokiong from Finschaffen district Morobe Province escaped from Buimo prison in 2009 while serving time for armed robbery.

Whilst on the run, he was named and suspected of taking part in several criminal activities in Lae and was wanted for questioning over a number of major robberies and break in’s.

Boris was sighted at Eriku shopping centre where he was apprehended by police when walking out of a shop.

He was also suspected of shooting a policeman on duty whilst attending to a complaint at West Taraka earlier this year.

Boris was apprehended over the weekend (Saturday) 23rd July at Eriku around 10:30am.

Annette Kora