PNG settle for 7-7 draw with Samoa in touch rugby

The mixed touch rugby team settled for a 7-7 draw against Samoa in the last match of the afternoon at the Bisini grounds.

Samoa hit an early lead after Peter Hazelman and Beckett Leota scored touch downs to sound a warning to PNG.

A touch down from Bobby Vavona put PNG back in the contest however. Samoa’s Lima Lote extended the lead to 3-1 before half time.

The second half of play saw a flurry of points from both sides. Uari Sarufa from PNG scored twice to level the scores at 3-3.

From this point, touch downs were scored from one of the field to another and about a minute out before play ended, the scores were locked at 6-6.

PNG’s Eugene Eka dived over to score what PNG hoped would be the winning touchdown but Samoa right from the restart ran down and equalised through Jesse Leituvale.

The PNG mixed team beat Kiribati 19-1 in their match yesterday and thrashed Tonga this morning 18-1 this morning.

Troy Taule