PNG Power urged to help develop NCD

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) has been made aware of calls by NCD Governor Powes Parkop last Friday for PPL to shape up and support NCDC and the Government in developing NCD.

Parkop was referring mainly to the newly constructed road from Badihagwa to Nine-Mile that are without street lights.

I have taken note of what has been mentioned and do confirm that this particular road development has had no lights yet.

It is a requirement for any town authority or development partners that before construction is made on roads or buildings that will require power supply, they must always involve PPL from the planning phase right through to construction and commissioning.

PPL works closely with major customers, town authorities and development partners who require electricity supply to ensure electricity standards are met and that materials are sourced for required electricity installations.

The Badihagwa to 9 mile road has faced a delay in power supply installation due to no communication at all from NCDC from the beginning. PPL was only informed of the need to run power supply on this new road when road construction was complete.

PPL was never provided any road plans from the beginning nor was involved in any planning meeting. We would appreciate some lead advice on such constructions so that we are aware. This is to give us enough time to plan our power line network and procure the required materials in advance.

Having said that, PPL has gone ahead to rectify the issue with power line extension work undertaken on the stretch of this road. Transformers that will be installed have arrived and power supply should be commissioned by the end of October.

This is the same situation with the other newly constructed roads, namely Paga Hill Road, Badili to 2 mile and Murray Barracks portion of the Hubert Murray Highway.

PNG Power Ltd representatives need to be included on the NCD Physical Planning Board and the NCD Building Board so that we avoid such issues as service providers. This gives us an opportunity to flag our teams in preparation for such development plans.

We also take this opportunity to salute NCD Governor Power Parkop and the National Government for the developments taking place in the Nation’s Capital and look forward to a good working relationship going forward.

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