PNG Power: Sirinumu has enough water to power city

PNG Power says Sirinumu dam has enough water to generate power for Port Moresby that will last up until next year.

 A trip up to the dam today found that the water level of the dam has dropped from the normal level of 176 million cubic metres to around 139 million cubic meters.

This is over a period of five months.

Water management officer for PNG Power, Laun Medakou said the water levels were dropping fast.

He said they are now at 41% below full supply level.

“But we have made adjustments with load shedding to accommodate for this dry spell. We have now reduced our valves to 15 points (3.8 million cubic metres per second) from 8am-10pm and to 20 points from 10pm-8am.

“Right now we are not facing any major problems with power supply from the drought. PNG Power also has back up from thermoelectric generator’s at Kanudi and ExxonMobil,” said  Medakou.

Manager Generation Rouna, Donald Tuheana added that PNG Power would continue to power the city as normal but did advise them to use water and power wisely.

“There is enough water to power the city up until next year. There will only be a problem if we don’t have any rain and the water level goes down to 50 million cubic metres. We just hope for a change in the weather,” said Tuheana.

Troy Taule