PNG now has access to reverse call

Digicel PNG has announced the launch of a new voice service available to all Digicel mobile consumers.

The introduction of the Reverse Call service allows prepaid and postpaid customers to request a Call Connect to other Digicel prepaid and postpaid phone numbers, transferring the cost of the call to the other phone.

This form of telecommunication service provided by Digicel is the first of its kind in PNG and will ensure all customers have access to phone calls in emergencies or difficult situations.  

“Reverse calling is another innovative ‘low balance’ service, ideal for people needing to make urgent calls but do not have sufficient mobile phone credit,” said Digicel’s Head of Consumer, Khattar Fehmi.

“This newly introduced voice service is adding more value to PNG’s telecommunications market, allowing Digicel consumers to stay connected even in challenging situations.”

To use the reverse call service:

  • Simply dial 99 before the mobile number of the person you wish to call.
  • Once the recipient accepts the call, they will be charged 79 toea.
  • The recipient must have more than 79 toea credit balance to accept the Reverse Call.
  • The recipient has the option to reject a Reverse Call.
  • The call is limited to only one minute.
  • The Reverse Call service can only be used by Digicel-to-Digicel consumers.
  • International calls are not included for this service.

“Digicel is proud to continue to transform PNG’s telecommunication landscape with continuous innovation to its products and services.”

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