PNG music royalty join NRL in the Park

​Digicel’s NRL in the Park received an overwhelming reception in the resort town of Madang last Saturday with residents flocking to Laiwaden Oval to see the promotion on the big screen.

The entertainment provided at the launch also showcased PNG’s big name musicians who perform to the delight of Madang audience who had gathered since 12 noon to await the actual launch at 2pm.

Youths and those in the mood  dance swayed, twisted and turned as they danced  when current PNG music sensation Nathan Nakikus and his band belted out their popular numbers.

Madang Province’s popular music artist Demas Saul was chatting with this writer when he was spotted by Leonard Kania who hurried over for an embrace and chat。

Both local music artists are household names in the PNG music scene with many of their recorded songs so popular in all four regions of the country.

Demas Saul dubbed the “Prince of Madang music” and Leonard Kania referred to as ‘King of Tolai rock’ during their meeting at NRL in the Park made plans for several gigs in Madang together.

Kania was carrying a Digicel Playbox at that time and wasted no time in encouraging Demas Saul to grab one from the promotion booth set up the Dicigel promotion team.

The Madang music prince also got his Digicel Playbox to take home to Yabob village nearby.


Picture:Dubbed the ‘King of Tolai rock’ Leonard Kania and Madang’s popular music artist Demas Saul share a joke at Madang’s Laiwaden oval last Saturday.

James Kila