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Solomon Islands Hunters send out warning to PNG Pukpuks

The Solomon Islands Hunters have sent out a warning to the PNG Pukpuks to expect a physical encounter this Sunday in the last round of the 2015 Oceania Rugby Cup.

Disaster assessment team dispatched to Highlands region

A disaster assessment team has been deployed to assess the El Nino situation in the Highlands region.

Rare Nautilus seen for first time in 30 years

Biologist Peter Ward returned earlier this month from the South Pacific with news that he had encountered an old friend he hadn’t seen in more than three decades-a creature that scientists believe may be one of the rarest animals in the world.

State ordered to make funds available for jail

The State has been ordered by the National Court to make available funds to service providers at the Lakiemata Correction center following Justice David Canning’s visit on Monday (August 24).

Respondents in ‘selfie’ defamation suit reduced

Respondents in the defamation suit that was filed by Boarder Development Authority’s Executive Chairman Fred Konga has been reduced after the National Court today allowed some to be removed.

Miley Cyrus says Nicki Minaj was not polite during outburst

Miley Cyrus, is not exactly cool with the way the rapper handled herself during that Taylor Swift -VMA nomination controversy.