PM to set up Commission of Inquiry into students’ issue

A Commission of Inquiry will be set up in the coming weeks to look into university students’ issues, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has revealed in Parliament.

He said points have been made in a democratic way and points have been answered but yet some people  do not  want to accept the answers.

O’Neill was responding to Northern Governor Garry Juffa on naming the leaders who the government claimed to be backing the students with their protest.

He said the matter has now a police matter so the police will deal with it and carry out their investigations.

“We will set up a Commission of Inquiry to establish what is going on at the University of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

On the issue of stepping down from the high office, O’Neill responded and asked: “Stepping down for what?”

O’Neill said he is always available for any interview and questioning by police in regards to allegations against him or any of his staff.

He said there is never been a question about that.

“The question is about the warrant of arrest as to why we have to run and get a warrant without even conducting an interview at the first place,” O’Neill told the parliament.

He added that “everybody in this country is innocent until proven guilty.”

His response brought the Opposition side into a chorus of ‘angry responses’ shouting on him to step down.

Dr Marat responded and said a person will only be proven guilty after the trial.

Meanwhile, the Parliament has been adjourned to August 2, 2016.

Freddy Mou